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IFSEC Awards Finalist 2005

Development and production of electronics

Welcome to the web-pages of the company TOMST®! Our main activities concern research, development and production of electronic equipment based on the iButton® Technology. Our production process concentrates mainly on two principal products: guard-tour control system PES® and access-control system TLD™.

PES® sensors

PES® Control System

The system of Portable Electronic Sensors PES® proves its abilities everywhere where there is need to control and monitor movement of persons and objects in relation to time and place. Thanks to their construction characteristics and the unique ANTI-VANDAL® technology the PES® sensors represent the highest-quality system of employee-control.

TOMST®  Measuring System

TOMST® Measuring System

TMS dataloggers for measuring air and soil temperature and soil moisture.
Need to measure air and soil temperature and soil moisture in many locations over extended time periods?


Access-Control System - TLD™

The TLD™ system represents a complex solution of access to buildings, including the employee-attendance control. Instead of many various locks and keys only one identification medium is now sufficient to be used at all places connected to the system.

Other Solutions

Other Solutions

The company TOMST® also concentrates on the development of individual solutions adjusted to the customers´ individual requirements. Let´s mention e.g. the system of rfTAGs – a sophisticated solution used mainly for time measurement of competitors (bicycle competitions).


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